Wenn das Gebäude nicht mehr trägt
When Buildings No Longer Hold
Four-channel audio piece for a performance by remote-controlled architectural models, 15 min
Language: German
A work with Adrian Schindler
Tanja Knaus, Eulàlia Rovira, Francisco Rozas and Adrian Schindler.
The models
The publication
Extracts of the text

Placed on a square, at the edge of the medieval center and in front of an imposing Neo-Renaissance city hall, two oversized naked men and a naked woman are meant to depict ideal citizens. They carry reduced versions of what was in the eighties to represent the entire city: the city hall itself, a church and a coal-mining tower. Today they all look towards the construction site of a gigantic shopping mall. The three emblematic architectures and the commercial newcomer were given voices and the ability to move. Driving around the bronze as if it was a roundabout, they philosophy about their past and present roles as institutions, question their survival strategies and agree that they are not limited to their competing facades: every stone finds an echo in every passerby.
Stones and bronze skins dismantle. Towers and heads are displaced.

Performed around the sculpture "The citizens carrying their city" (Heinrich Brockmeier, 1985) on Recklinghausen's City Hall Square, Germany. 

Curated by KunstRepublik.