Àrids, clor, dents, termoplàstics
Aggregates, Chlorine, Teeth, Thermoplastics

Performance, 25 min, 2018
A work with Adrian Schindler

A mass of text is read uninterruptedly by two voices trying to reach maximum synchronization. However, the irregularity of the breaths and the different nature of the timbres brings inevitably the voices out of sync, paradoxically giving to the overall tone an artificial feel. The performers are motionless, fully focused on the automatic scrolling of the sentences. The text, for its part, agglutinates a variety of accounts related to a geographical area that has historically been affected by recurring flooding. The descriptions come from fields as diverse as textile industry, paleontology or engineering, and all imply changes of state, ongoing processes or tensions between different forces. Like the water that sweeps away everything that crosses its path, language goes through and merges the entities it describes, erasing any temporal, taxonomic or physical limit. Aggregates, Chlorine, Teeth, Thermoplastics is an exercise of linguistic morphing where self-driven things interact in what seems to be a left-behind land.

Views of the performance at La Escocesa, Barcelona, 2019. As part of the program "En tanto hay tacto", curated by Beatriz Alonso and Pablo Martinez. Photos by Sergio Lairisa. Courtesy Sant Andreu Contemporani.

Views of the performance at ETHall, Barcelona. Photos: Juande Jarillo and Alejandro de la Rica Gruber.
Originally produced for the exhibition "Imaginació Material", as part of the cycle "Mesurar amb precisió els cims llegendaris!" curated by Caterina Almirall at Espai Dos – Sala Muncunill, Terrassa (ES) and further developed for Tercero A, a performance program in a domestic space curated by visual artist Andrea Gómez.